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Interview with Gonçalo Fernandes -  Profile Management at GlobalStar

Helmut Pilz
Oct 23, 2020 2:46:58 PM
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Gonçalo, what is the core value of Umbrella for GlobalStar and its Partners?
In GlobalStar we believe in long-term relationships. We couldn’t be happier with our current partnership, not only from a technical perspective but also for Umbrella’s ability to work as an extension of our team when needed.

Umbrella Faces offers a unique solution to corporate customers by giving control over the management of traveller profiles yet following the most restricted data protection legislations and other client protecting rules. At GlobalStar we have branded this solution as ProfileStar. 

On a high-level Umbrella has a tremendous value to us because it allows us to:

  • Take a central HR feed from a client for Global Implementations
  • Push profiles from a single source to multiple countries, GDS’s, OBT’s and systems
  • Ensure that the personal data is managed in a secure and encrypted manner across the board
  • Improve the quality of the data and the efficiency of the transaction for our agents

How can Partner agencies benefit from the partnership between GlobalStar and Umbrella?
Throughout our partnership with Umbrella, our Partners have the ability to add another unique element to their product portfolio in corporate travel management. Profiles are managed in real-time, are synchronised to their various interfaces and our consultants are freed up and can concentrate on reservations.

We do have the ability to design our own structures allowing agency internal needs to be incorporated, giving the option for use on global and local clients when required.

What is, in your view – the coolest feature of Umbrella?
In my view, having access to Umbrella APIs is probably the outstanding “feature”. Not only because we are able to build our own UI which gives the flexibility we need to incorporate Umbrella technologies in our ecosystems, but also because this has proved to be added value when it comes to integrate with 3rd party suppliers, with which we have been very successful so far.

What aspect/feature are you currently missing most at Umbrella?
There’s nothing critical that I can say is missing. We have been able to cover all our client requirements which proves the real value of Umbrella. I would only suggest a clean and updated refresh of the UI to improve the user experience. A greater focus on the user experience will drive more adoption and will ease the use for all generations of users.

What is your most remarkable travel experience so far?
Definitely a trip to Brazil, when I was still studying at university. It was my first ever trip with friends and the destination couldn’t have been better. I visited 5 different cities for more than 3 weeks, and probably have been on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world - like the Love Beach in Natal, and the Heart Beach in Porto de Galinhas.

But the highlight was definitely surfing at Dolphins Bay, where there were more dolphins than surfers. Something I will never forget!

Gonçalo, many thanks for the interview! 

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