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Uniglobe and Umbrella

Helmut Pilz
Jun 7, 2018 1:55:55 PM

Uniglobe is a strong, renowned consortium of travel agencies with partners in over 60 countries.

We have asked Richard Moore, Director of Operations for Uniglobe British Isles and EMEA, why he chose Umbrella for Profile Management and which travel destination he has found most impressive. The answer is surprising.


Richard, what made you choose Umbrella for profile management?
Umbrella is an excellent product. We receive very positive feedback from everyone who uses it and are very happy with the great support across all the Umbrella team. Our members are particularly happy with the easy handling. It saves them a lot of time and guarantees GDPR-compliant handling of profiles, which is a must-have for our customers.

What are the responsibilities of Uniglobe BI and EMEA?
All our members are independent businesses. The role of Uniglobe BI is to bring a variety of corporate business models and businesses together into a single network that works for the benefit of all its members. We negotiate centrally a vast number of preferred supplier deals (both air and non-air) to which every member has access.

How many partners do Uniglobe BI and EMEA cover?
We look after partner agencies in 40 locations in the British Isles and another 42 across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

When and where was Uniglobe founded?
Uniglobe Travel International was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1979. The franchise organisation then quickly spread across North America and around the globe. Today, we have partners in over 60 countries and combined revenues in the range of 4 billion US$.

Richard Moore private: where did you grow up, where do you live now?
I was born and brought up about three miles from Gatwick Airport, which was the natural place for summer jobs when I was at school and college. With that experience I then naturally fell into the travel industry, which I have been in for all my professional life. I now live near Brighton, a fun town on the south coast of England which is only an hour away from London by train.

What is the most beautiful/interesting/unique place you have ever visited?
That is Yemen, although I travelled there back in 2002. The old city in the capital Sana’a is a unique place, with an incredibly rich heritage spanning hundreds of years. The hospitality of the people that I was lucky enough to meet there was exceptional.



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