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Managing traveller profiles in only 105 seconds!

Helmut Pilz
Mar 21, 2017 2:55:17 PM

How can you so wonderfully and precisely get straight to the heart of such a complex, abstract topic as profile management in just 105 seconds?

Our Umbrella Faces explainer video has brought us plenty of positive feedback in the past few weeks.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

This makes us so very pleased and is the perfect opportunity to pick the brain of the responsible producer! Enjoy our interview with the lovely Andrea Penkalla from Mynd in Frankfurt am Main:

In the past three years you have made over 2,600 videos. Were there other projects from the travel industry besides our Video?
Yes, quite a few. We have done some great projects for TUI, for example. (You can find links to projects at the end of this video.)

Your company delivered our project very quickly and professionally! Could you quickly describe how something like that works?

  • Step 1: First there is a kick-off with two colleagues from Mynd: the producer and the concept developer. The producer is the sole contact person for the client and is responsible for the successful project flow internally. The creative concept developer is responsible for the script.
  • Step 2: The creation of a complete concept including multiple feedback rounds with the client. This usually takes two to four weeks.
  • Step 3: Depending on the style and size of the project, the implementation takes between three and six weeks.

What was your first reaction when you heard about a project for travel profiles?
I enjoy taking on travel projects. I can really identify with the subject. I naturally thought that it was about private travel. I hadn't ever really realised that business travel is its own unique discipline. But we quickly came to understand it.

That's one of the best parts of my job, actually: you learn so many things about all types of industries!

Mynd was called "MeinUnternehmensfilm" – "My Company Film" in English – until just recently. Why did you decide to change the Name?
We are growing very quickly and as a result have begun to receive more enquiries for international projects. The name "MeinUnternehmensfilm" just didn't work in non-German speaking countries. I think we came up with a great brand name with Mynd.

How many employees do you currently have?
62 as of the beginning of March, most of them at our location in Frankfurt am Main.

You have been a producer at Mynd for nine months. What did you do before that?
I started with Mynd right after I finished my Master's degree. During my studies I was a production assistant for TV productions and worked as an account assistant for an advertising agency.

Andrea Penkalla as a person: what makes you excited?
Three things: eating, travelling and monkeys!

I am a really passionate foodie. For this reason, I always go on food tours when I travel. Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia and Vietnam, are particularly interesting in this respect. I spent a while in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as part of my semester abroad. That was very exciting and so different to what I had expected. The distinct cultural differences compared to Europe really amazed me. And then there's monkeys. These wonderful creatures always fascinate me again and again.

Thanks so much for the interesting interview, Andrea!

As promised, here are some links to a few of Mynd's videos made for companies in the travel industry:

  • TUI 1:
  • Localike:
  • TUI 2:
  • Tripodrom:
  • TUI 3:

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